Mission R

The Mission R electric superbike is Mission Motors’ performance development platform.  As one of the most advanced vehicles on two wheels, the Mission R demonstrates that EVs can perform on par with ICEs in one of the most demanding applications: motorcycle racing.

With 14kwh of energy storage and a 120kw AC induction motor, Mission’s engineers have packaged nearly 90% of a Chevy Volt’s power and more energy into a compact sportbike.  This powertrain propels the Mission R to 60mph in 3 seconds and on to a top speed of over 160mph.  The custom chassis, created by James Parker, ensures braking, cornering and ergonomics competitive with the leading ICE sportbikes. And the industrial design, penned by Tim Prentice of Motonium, has received awards from Core77 and RedDot.

Piloted by Steve Rapp, the Mission R won the 2011 FIM/TTXGP U.S. Grand Prix at Laguna Seca, finishing the 8-lap race 39.9 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher. Rapp’s qualifying lap time of 1:31.3 broke all previous electric vehicle records at Laguna Seca. Had the Mission R been competing in the weekend’s gasoline-powered AMA Pro Supersport category, it would have qualified in 5th place.