Mission Motors is pleased to announce a customer evaluation program for Mission’s MC600 Motor Control Unit.  Under the program, Mission will offer a limited number of evaluation prototypes of the MC600 Motor Control Unit  for testing and evaluation with potential customers.  The program is an exciting opportunity for vehicle manufacturers to take Mission’s advanced technology for a test drive.

The MC600 is a fully integrated inverter and motor control unit for next generation hybrid and electric vehicles. At 6.5 kg, the MC600 provides industry leading power-density within a cost-effective package.  The MC600 architecture is designed to meet the highest functional safety requirements of the automotive industry.  To simplify integration and optimize performance, Mission’s MC600 comes fully equipped with Mission Control, a powerful diagnostics and scripting interface that provides integrators with simple, low-level tuning and diagnostics, along with the power to program vehicle supervisory control into the controller.

Mission is currently accepting orders for the MC600 Inverter Evaluation Program. If your organization would like to learn more about purchasing Mission technology, please contact us here.

Most of the world knows Jay Leno as a stand-up comic and the host of the Tonight Show.  But to vehicle enthusiasts, he is better known as one of the ultimate car and motorcycle guys with a phenomenal collection. Even better? He is a big fan of alt-fuel vehicles.

So it was an exciting opportunity when Jay was kind enough to invite our team down his “Big Dog Garage” earlier this month. We toured his vehicle collection, and talked at length about the past, present and future of transportation. Jay knows his stuff and he owns a number of EVs, from 1909 Baker Electric to a 2011 Chevy Volt.

Jay's Steam Powered Car

On camera (see the video here), we discussed Mission Motors’ advanced electric vehicle technology and gave him a ride on the Mission R in street trim. We’ll let Jay speak to the experience himself, but with a route consisting of L.A. traffic, wide open highway, and a few twisties here and there, the benefits of an optimized electric vehicle platform were on display.

Here at Mission, we are passionate about the technological innovation, the performance potential and the environmental imperative of electric and hybrid vehicles. It was clear from our visit that Jay is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about these topics, and that made it a wonderful experience overall.

Jay with the Mission R

While it would have been great to see Jay leave in one of his many EVs, it was equally fun to watch as he started up his 1910 White Motor Company steam car (a 20 minute process!) and drive off.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think in comments.


The Mission team recently returned from Los Angeles, where we took part in the 26th Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26).  The Symposium, which first took place in Phoenix in 1969, has grown over the years to become one of the premier events on the EV calendar, featuring a great balance of industry leaders, academic research, grassroots enthusiasts and media.

For the conference, Mission was asked to give a poster presentation on our Skyline data acquisition and analysis software. Our Senior Software Architect, Seth LaForge, was on hand to discuss the features and benefits of Skyline along with a demonstration of the Skyline Web Navigator.

Seth EVS26

It was exciting to see the number of products and services on display at EVS26. The pace of progress continues to build. As it does, the data generated from new product development will grow exponentially. We created Skyline because this data is only useful if it can be harnessed. With its novel web-based visualization and analysis features, that is exactly what Skyline achieves.

To learn more about Skyline, and to check out the actual poster presented at the Symposium, visit the product page located here.

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