In 2007, Mission Motors set out to completely redefine electric motorcycles, by building a high-performance electric superbike with a range of 150 miles and a top speed of over 160 miles per hour.

In order to accomplish this goal, Mission innovated the design of every electric powertrain component.  The result was a completely original powertrain with an unprecedented combination of power and energy, packaged into a compact 600cc-sized motorcycle chassis.

Mission’s electric motorcycle prototypes set records and turned heads, proving that an electric motorcycle could perform on par with its internal combustion counterparts.  Mission’s electric motorcycles set an AMA speed record at Bonneville in 2009 and currently hold the track lap record at Laguna Seca raceway for not only electric motorcycles but for electric vehicles of any type.

Since then, vehicle OEMs of all types have turned to Mission to provide components for their own electric and hybrid vehicle programs, packing more power and energy into the available space than they had thought possible.

Today, Mission has narrowed its focus and expanded its reach.  We are a focused Tier-1 supplier of powertrain systems to vehicle OEMs, delivering optimized, custom components for production vehicle programs.